Welcome to IDFK Web Developments
Our focus is on backend integration and amalgamation of differing technologies.


Forest For The Trees - ONLINE
When Joel Schuberg wanted to take Forest For The Trees, his
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Save Your Sunnies
Ever wondered where to get those great sunglass protection covers. Sam Hunter did too, so much so that he became the
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Otto Espresso Online Store
After many months of development by designers and engineers at Otto Espresso, they have launched their new induction
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[designbank] goes live
An exciting new initiative to create a world class design museum in Australia. The site has launched with a dynamic
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Welcome to IDFK Web Developments.

Every company can benefit from having an Internet presence. The Internet allows companies to increase their visibility, run more efficiently, compete in new markets, and conduct business 24 hours a day.

At IDFK Web Developments we focus not just on bringing companies to the Web, but helping them develop a strategy to make money using the Internet.

We focus on our clients needs and what they want to achieve through their Internet presence, this may be "brochureware" or an intricate online application that communicates with their staff, clients, suppliers and industry bodies that govern their procedures and business practices.

We help our clients become successful in developing profitable Internet strategies and combining our resources with theirs to bring the plan through to completion. With many years of traditional marketing experience and technical knowledge, the team at IDFK are able to pinpoint trouble spots before they happen and in so doing alleviate expensive outcomes.